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Americas Home Place - The Stanton IV
Join our Americas Home Place building consultant and a customer who is interested in building a custom home as they tour the Stanton IV, One of our most popular models. It is a great way to see the quality that goes in to every Americas Home Place Home before you begin building yours.
Americas Home Place - House By the Lake
We build the home on your land or land we help you choose. You are not forced to live in a cookie cutter neighborhood. However, if you want to live in a neighborhood, Americas Home Place can help you build a home there.
Americas Home Place - Custom Home On Your Land
Thinking of building a home on your land. Here's a quick 30 second commercial you might enjoy explaining what we do.
Americas Home Place - Quality Homes
Ask most builders and they will say Americas Home Place right down to the nails and screws. We have standardized specifications that we follow for every home that we build. Moreover, they exceed the specifications for every building district regardless of where we do business.
Ameriacs Home Place - Disaster Relief
Tornados have recently caused massive destruction in many of the areas served by Americas Home Place. These are your communities and our neighbors and we have been quick to react, as have many in the community. Rebuilding homes and lives is a priority for Americas Home Place and we have offered significant discounts in the affected areas to help our Friends and neighbors in their times of need.
Americas Home Place - Customer Testimonials
Why take our word for it? Americas Home Place builds over a thousand homes a year. In addition, our customers are some of our best sales people. In fact, 3 out of 5 homes we build are referrals from customers we have built homes for in the past. Not a bad record. Here are just a few of the customers what we have worked with in the past speaking in their own words.
Americas Home Place - The Design Process
Americas Home Place is different from a lot builders in that we have over 45 building centers and Model Home Centers where you can go and actually pick out a home plan, make changes to your plan - both free of charge, then without driving all over town, choose everything you need to make your home your own. You will choose your siding, roofing, paint colors, lighting, fixtures, counter tops, flooring, cabinets, you name it, It's all available in our Building and Model Centers. And it's all part of the Design Process. Our experienced Building Consultants will assist you with every step of the process.
Americas Home Place - The Construction Process
Take a tour of one of our Americas Home Place homes during construction with one of our Division Presidents. A Building Consultant and a customer can learn about the quality that goes in to the construction of every home we build from the inside out.
View and print more than 100 free floor plans at
Contact any of the Americas Home Place Locations to schedule a free custom home building consultation or just drop by to view home plans, look at the many ways you can customize the home of your dreams.
Americas Home Place - The Waterstone Tour
Don't just imagine how your new home will look, take a tour of the Watersone, one of our Division Presidents, a Building Consultant and a customer and learn about the quality that goes in to the construction of every home we build from the inside out.
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